Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) testing and diagnosis require a thorough understanding of clients and the use of multiple assessment measures.  Given that ADHD has been overdiagnosed in recent years, we understand the significant role we play in trying to obtain the most accurate conclusion and diagnosis. For that reason, our assessment procedure applies a combination of a clinical interview and research and norm-based assessments designed to give us a comprehensive picture of each individual’s experienced symptoms, level of functioning, and degree of impairment. Our staff is practiced in working with children, adolescents, and adults in completing these assessments.

Our process involves multiple steps:

Intake - During intake, we meet and complete introductory paperwork, and this represents an agreement between you and us that we will conduct a thorough evaluation for you. We will also do an in-depth clinical interview that focuses on what brought you for the evaluation, your relevant history, and any problems you're experiencing that may be related to ADHD. At times, we will also interview family members for more information (particularly in evaluating children/teens.)

Assessment - Our ADHD evaluation process includes the completion of various tests that give us a full sense of how ADHD symptoms may be playing out in your life. Many of these tests are completed by you, but we also have close family or friends complete tests regarding what they have observed about your problems with attention. Getting multiple perspectives represents the most comprehensive way to understand your attention abilities. 

Recommendations/Feedback Session - Following the assessment process, we finalize a comprehensive report that contains any findings from testing. We then meet with you to review the results of testing, and we provide recommendations and collaborate with you about what resources will best address any concerns highlighted through the testing process. This may include recommendations for improving academic ability, managing relationships that have been affected by ADHD, or even getting professional counseling for mental health. 

Follow-up care (if needed) - We can also provide further evaluation services if needed, and we will often provide consultation for more resources following the completion of your evaluation.