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According to the Learning Disabilities Association of America, 2.3 million school-age students are diagnosed with a specific learning disability. Specific learning disabilities are different from ADHD in that they involve significant problems with reading (dyslexia), writing, (dysgraphia), or math (dyscalculia.) Often, an undiagnosed learning disability causes major difficulties in school or work. 

Those with learning disabilities often show signs of the disability. Frustration with or avoidance of tasks that require reading or writing, taking longer than you should on academic tasks, problems remembering things you've read, or making common and careless mistakes in your writing or math are all indicators that you might benefit from further learning disability testing. 

A learning disability evaluation involves completing an intelligence test, which is a measure of how your mind thinks or reasons through problems. We know that learning disabilities have little to do with how smart a person is, and this test helps us understand the unique ways that you process mental information. We will also administer an achievement test, which examines how you apply your intelligence to reading, writing, or math tasks. Those with learning disabilities typically score similarly to those without learning disabilities on intelligence tests but much lower on achievement tests. Analyzing differences between these tests sheds light on any areas of impairment that you experience, and this helps us determine how to best address the problems created by disability conditions.

Following testing, we meet with you to provide results, discuss implications of your tests, and give recommendations for how to deal with your symptoms. Our feedback session is personalized and is aimed at providing you with real world solutions that can really help. We have also have significant experience helping individuals (who qualify) seek accommodations on graduate admissions tests (i.e., GRE, LSAT, MCAT, GMAT) and licensing exams (i.e., State Bar Exam, and Praxis Test)